Add More Followers on Twitter

Everyone wants to add more followers on Twitter. However, when using Twitter for social business marketing, it is important that you attract Twitter followers who will actually read your tweets and pass them along for your marketing to be effective.

What Attracts Good Followers?

Follow First…But Not Everyone

The first way to attract more twitter followers is to follow them first. When you start your new twitter account for business, make sure that you tweet a few times so that your profile represents the kind of information that your business will tweet about. This way when someone checks your profile, they learn a little more about your business.

Next, follow some people in your niche. Use Twitter Search to look for people who are tweeting about the topics and keywords that are important in your niche. If you find people who are offering tweets that are relevant to you and your customers, follow them. They may follow you back.

Don’t automatically follow anyone who follows you. The people and profiles that you follow say something about your business. This could affect your online reputation; so follow only those who give relevant tweets.

Interact with Others

Login to Twitter often (especially at first) to reply to tweets and retweet any helpful tweets of others. People appreciate this and are more likely to follow businesses who interact, reply and retweet. Do not worry if you are retweeting your competition as long as the tweet is relevant to your followers and is not contrary to your marketing efforts.

Post Relevant News in Your Niche

In addition to tweeting about your business with links to your website and retweeting others, people on Twitter also appreciate when youshare news with them and will often retweet it. This helps give your Twitter account even more credibility. Use Google Alerts or simply check Google News for recent news stories about your keywords. People will notice that you pass along good information and follow you.

You will naturally add more Twitter followers over time as people enjoy interacting with you and see that you share relevant and interesting information. Then when you market a new product, service or opportunity, they will be your best customers.

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