Facebook Business Pages: How Often Should You Post?

Setting up Facebook business pages is the easy part. Now you have to come up with entertaining, informative or attention-grabbing things to post.

Now you have to worry about getting more likes for your overall page and for individual posts. Now you have to worry about budgeting your Facebook time so you interact with your fans without committing more time than you should. Now comes the hard work of making sure you get the absolute most out of your business page.

Some businesses just start posting at random to their account. Some will post three or more times a day, while others may post once or twice a week. Some rarely ever look at their page, assuming it will take care of itself. Those that really want to be successful take the time to give more detailed thought and research to strategies proven to work for others.

Facebook Posting Tips for Businesses

Here are some simply guidelines that have been proven to work for others, and which may help you decide how often and when to post:

1. Post at least once a day. You can post two to four times only if you have something valuable or entertaining to say. Studies have shown that posting more than an average of four times a day may sometimes sabotage your efforts. Those that post more than and average of three to four times a day tend to get fewer likes and comments than those that post only a couple times a day.

2. Don’t forget to post toward the middle of the week. You are more like to get likes and comments on Wednesday, according to some studies.

3. Determine hours when your typical viewer is not at work, and post during those hours. This will include the later evening hours for many people, as well as on weekends. Since Wednesdays tend to be popular days for likes and comments, it may be worth making sure you post something good on that day of the week. If there are other days of the week or hours when you know those interested in your page may not be working, then post your best stuff on those days.

4. Monitor and Test Your Interactions. Track when you get the best interactions, the most likes, etc… Since each business and niche is different, the number of times that you may want to post may be very different than other business Facebook accounts in different niches. Track how often you post and when to determine the right fit for YOUR company and adjust accordingly.

Finding the Right Balance for Effective Facebook Business Pages

Remember: while you don’t want to overrun your Facebook followers with posts, you also do not want to disappear without sending a shout out regularly. You need to strike a delicate balance between posting to Facebook business pages often enough to be remembered and posting too often. The worst thing you can do is start losing likes because you are posting too much and filling up your follower’s news feeds. Keep in mind that they don’t want to sign on to a string of comments all from you.

Ultimately, how often you post is not as important as what you postto Facebook business pages. Do not put things up just to be putting things up. You should have a purpose for everything you post. Everything should be related to your followers or your brand in some manner, and everything should be accurate, entertaining, and informative. You don’t have to be serious all the time, but there should be a healthy mix of entertainment and knowledge.

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