Social Networking Future Business Trends

Do you wonder what the social networking future business trends will be? Here are some expert predictions for the future of social media.

What will the future of social networking look like? Will it become even more accessible, or even more complicated? What will the most popular sites be? Will Facebook survive in this future social networking world?

These are all legitimate questions that of course no one has a concrete answer for right now but businesses of all shapes and sizes would love to know.

Predictions for the Future of Social Media

The following are just a sample of some of the predictions being made by professionals in business today.

Social Media as a Primary Advertising Option

Many businesses are expected to switch much of their budgets from paid print adverting, direct mail and pay-per-click online advertising to investing in social media.

Separating Business and Personal Accounts

One issue that is currently debated a lot is the inter-mixing of personal and business perspectives on sites like Facebook. It is very common for people who connect with business pages on Facebook to also find the personal accounts for people related to those businesses. The result is the mixing of the personal life with the business world, which can sometimes be damaging to a business relationship.

Facebook has lead the way with this when it recently allowed users to use their business profile to interact with others instead of using their personal account.

In the future, the trend will probably continue toward more specific social networking sites that allow for separation between the business world and the personal life. For instance, someone may have an account at a social networking site related to their business and then a personal account elsewhere to connect with friends.

In order for this to happen, look out for new social networking sites designed around very specific purposes. Rather than a very general network like you find on Facebook, you will find sites devoted to people with specific interests and/or specific business connections and interests like groups in sites link LinkedIn.

Social Networking Future Filter Options

One frustrating aspect of communicating on Facebook or Twitter right now is being overrun with every little post all of your friends put up. You may not be interested in half of what they are talking about, but it all comes up on your wall for you to sort through. In the future, trends may move toward better filtering of content so you can still be friends with or follow all of those people but you don’t have to read every comment they put up.

This will cut back on the time most people spend searching through posts to find the ones they really do want to read and respond to.

Increased Business Exchanges

Right now, your options for carrying on debates and real time conversations with others in your line of business are quite limited. Many experts believe that a future trend will move toward more interactive social networking features that allow people of like minds in the business world to communicate and even debate with one another in real time through the Internet.

The same type of the communications that are enabled by message boards and chat rooms will be available directly through social networking sites for business purposes. Business interactions will become more dynamic if and when this starts happening.

What is the Future of Social Networking for Business?

While no one really knows how the world of social networking is going to change in the future, some of these trends will likely come true because they are natural progressions from the state of online social networking right now.

You can definitely look forward to things becoming a lot more interactive and personal, with more potential separations between business and personal posting.

What else could come of the future? Do you have any predictions or ideas of your own? If so…share them in the comments below:

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