Twitter Symbols: How to Add Special Characters to Your Tweets

Want to jazz up your tweets with some Twitter symbols? These twitter tools can help add special characters to your tweets.

Did you know that Twitter accepts more than just basic text in your tweets? Twitter is UTF8 compatible so instead of tweeting “I love your company” you could just as well use “I ♥ your company”.

How about this one to save as many of your 140 characters as possible:

“I’m going ☎ her to ✔ if she got my ✉”

Why Use Them?

While special characters can be fun to use on a personal level, be sure not to over-use them for your business. It may be viewed as unprofessional in certain business arenas.

But used sparingly and occasionally, it can be a great way to get a tweet to stand out from the rest.

Three Easy Ways to Add Symbols to Your Tweets

  1. Google Chrome Extension – The easiest way to add symbols to your tweets if you use the Google Chrome browser is to install the Google Chrome extension! It will let you easily add special characters to, or anytime you wish.
  2. Twitter Symbols — On this website, you can copy and paste any symbol that appears and paste them into your Twitter messages. You can also choose to create a bookmarklet pop-up to use any time while you are tweeting.
  3. Twitter Keys – This site also offers a handy bookmarklet that you can click to use while creating tweets. It uses a floating window so you can simply copy and paste any symbol from the list into your message.

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